Friday 23 September 2016

Battle badger book 2. Roll up! Roll up!

Issue Two: electric boogalooo!

Couple of lovely big boxes of Battle Badgers issue 2 arrived this morning. Looks awesome, Uk comics did a wicked job once again. Just hope peeps have a bit of Badger love still left in them for a second issue :) 

Friday 2 September 2016

Weston-con 2016 Ninja Turtles sketch

Ninja turtles sketch from the Weston "Stars of Time" con I was sketching at last monday. A really good convention, loads of great peeps dropped by the table to chat about Badgers beasts and fun stuff :)

Issue 2 done, time for a shin cup!

Many fridays later………and it's finally all done! All pencilled, inked and lettered, issue 2 is in the bag.
Now all i need to do is get the files ready for the printers, but before then it's off to the sea side for a week of rest and relaxation :)