Monday 29 September 2014

Fun day!!

Hooray, the storms stayed away and much fun was had at the Family fun day at French Weir Park. It was a sunny day of scribbling and monster making with the young'uns of Taunton town.

Friday 19 September 2014

The Bros snouting about amidst the market folk. More of a rough concept pic than a finished piece, just  trying to get a feel for the atmosphere of the place. If i get a chance I'd like to revisit it and double the amount of peeps milling about (I love a nice busy scene). The little Turtle dude pops up again, who is that mysterious shell back?  
A scamp from the sketchbook showing the setting for the Badger Bros battle with a winged beastie of Dragony proportions. I am aiming for an Arabian market type of setting, lots of dust and cloth and stuff.

Friday 12 September 2014

Hand/paw studies.
Thought I would try for some strong colours on this one, nice and punchy.
One of my fave pics. Did this back in May at the Bristol Comic con, and have it has been floating around my desk ever since. Will try and add some colour at some point.

Friday 5 September 2014

What kind of weirdo takes Fridays off work to sit on his arse painting Badgers!!? Ummmm, yeah that would be me, hehe. Well not just Badgers but they are a great subject matter for my friday painting practice. This one took a little while and is riddled with flaws but I kinda like it. One thing i am learning with regards painting is that I have an awful lot of bad pictures to produce before i start knocking out some good ones.
Tonal underpaintings of the Badger boys, really loving these guys. There is something so cool about the shape and silhoutte of an anthropomorphic Badger, there frame and stature is perfect for a barbarian/warrior kind of character. 

Then when I got back I thought I would work them up a bit and add some ink.

The first sketch of the boys. Done whilst on holiday in Palma earlier this year.
What's six feet tall, a crack shot with a pistol and speaks fluent french? Why tiz Pasqual the French-Canadian swashbuckling Otter of course!
Good ol' Fraz has returned to Monday night fun and brought with him this beauty of a beastie.