Friday 10 February 2017

Beast Hunting Battle Badgers issue 3, cover creation.

Step 1: Laying down the base colour scheme and position of the beasty.
 Step 2: Putting in a rough position for the heroes, and some props on the deck.
 Step 3: Working into the beast, resizing it for more impact. Also working into the characters.
 Step 4: Adding Flint into the background, and hint at other claw.
 Step 5: With main elements in place, time to tighten up and add some more props and details to the deck of the ship.
 Step 6: Something about the composition and positioning seemed off balance so flipping the image allowed me to pin down what needed to be resized and repositioned.
 Step 7: With everything working together am now just tightening and making sure the thing I want to pop will pop, and those I want to recede are receding.
Step 8: Finishing touches and sea foam spray and it's pretty much done :)

True believers 2017 table sketchingtons.

Once again it was time to head up the motorway to the True Believers con in Cheltenham. It was a great con that seems to grow each year. A huge thanks to anyone who stopped by my table for a bit of Badger based banter.