Friday 26 June 2020

6 months, 24 Fridays, 54 pages. Battle badgers book 6 pencilled :)

Beast Hunting Battle Badger Deck Art

Hey peeps, check this out!!!
The other day the Postie knocked on my door with a parcel "Hmmm, not expectin anything, I thought to meself. I wonder what it could be!?"
Well it was only a flippin hand crafted skateboard deck that Battle Badger super fan Rich Hill had sent to me as a suprise gift!!!
Tiz booootifull and all done by hand. Totally blew me away!
Cheers Rich you Badgery beauty, tiz going on the wall :)

Friday 12 June 2020

Oswald Chronicles

Took a teeny break from pencilling book 6 of Battle Badgers to do a pic for Jd Calderon's fab indie comic "The Oswald Chronicles".
Check out the awesome adventures of the Mystic mouse at
Huge thanks to the artistic eye of Ailin Chambers for the hints,tips and tricks :)